Public Relations

Optional PR service - White Tiger PR is our preferred PR partner

White Tiger PR

White Tiger PR is a leading travel, leisure and lifestyle communications agency, known for developing innovative and creative campaigns that generate positive results – both in terms of awareness and revenue.

The team is committed to ensuring your hotel is seen in the right company and is noticed for all the right reasons. With over two centuries of collective experience, White Tiger cuts through the information jungle and integrates their work to generate bookings, media profile, data capture and social media engagement.

Top media and celebrity contacts: With an ever-growing network of social influencers and a black book of celebrities and high profilers - they've hosted Prince Charles and Geri Halliwell at Warwick Castle and even the Prime Minister of Canada at Paradise Beach Nevis!

Experience outside travel: The Tigers are as likely to be talking about a brand or destination with leading travel editors as the personal finance, food, news or consumer affairs sections of the media – if there’s an opportunity, our clients are in it. if there’s a relevant opportunity, clients will benefit from coverage and resulting revenue.

We're proud to partner with White Tiger PR to offer an integrated public relations service for clients..

Visit The White Tiger PR website to find out more or read latest PR news and views at Roar