It’s official, the turtle release season is in full swing at Jamaica Inn! Every year during the months of August to October Jamaica Inn’s guests are able to witness Hawksbill Turtle releases on property or at a nearby beach in Oracabessa. As you can see in the video, the beach has become a popular nesting ground for the Hawksbill mother turtles that instinctively travel thousands of miles to lay eggs on their beach.

During the hot summer months, Mother Hawksbill turtles lay egg clusters in nests that hatch approximately 60 days after the eggs are nested, dependent on the temperature of the sand. The Jamaica Inn team has already counted three nests since the start of the season and look forward to many more. Each year their presence prevents the onset of birds, rats and other predators that may try to prevent the baby turtles’ progress to the sea. Guests are able to play a crucial role in facilitating the baby hatchling’s journey to the ocean while witnessing an event others rarely get the chance to see.

The hotel's on-site turtle expert, Mel, is able to direct us to the exact nesting locations on our beach, keeping a watchful eye over the nest as the babies hatch. Guests are able to learn about the turtles, their nesting habits and view the baby turtles in their plight to the ocean. We’re excited to share this amazing experience with our guests and look forward to a successful season of turtle hatching .

There is a high chance that guests who stay at the hotel now will be able to see a hatching on site or at a nearby beach. Hatchings usually occur in the nights, with the baby turtles following their instincts to the sea. Guests have been known to request wake up calls from the front desk staff in the event a hatching occurs in the night.

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