Dining at the Fish Pot restaurant at Little Good Harbour is a reason in itself to visit Barbados. This unusual restaurant in Barbados is part of a converted fort and sits directly on the beach at Sherman's, with the open terrace dining area looking out to the ocean beyond.

For starters, the enticing menu includes baby clams in Creole sauce and lobster ravioli with Jim Beam butter sauce. With the fish market a mere 10 minute walk away, the entrees offer tempting dishes from the sea, such as oven-roasted sea bass, grilled swordfish, jumbo shrimp, pan-fried lobster and scallops served on buttered fettucine. The Fish Pot restaurant in Barbados offers a truly gourmet dining experience in delightful surroundings.

Set in the small eighteenth-century fort at the water's edge, the restaurant is airy and informal. The chef takes a purist's approach to cooking, and shuns stuffing, rolling, or otherwise playing with the food. He uses the freshest ingredients flying them in if necessary and pumps up the flavor with local seasonings. The result includes a pan-fried mahi-mahi so delicately flavored that it's sublime, and a lamb shank worthy of Henry VIII, with a dark, bold, and fragrant bite. Also noteworthy are the grilled lobster medallions and hash browns, drizzled with a mild spinach pesto, and gazpacho.

If you stay at Little Good Harbour, one of our top hotels for Caribbean weddings, from 12 October until 30 November 2011 you will receive a fabulous three-course meal complimentary daily at The Fish Pot, one of our favorite restaurant in Barbados.

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