It is not by chance that we represent some of the best hotels in the Caribbean. Our name is well-chosen, our hotels pay attention to the details, those essential details. 

At Essential Detail we have an eye for the unique and the best of the best. For travellers looking for something a little extra, it is those details that count. Our hotels go above and beyond to create an experience that is more than the ordinary. Boutique hotels with only 10-100 rooms, exquisite food, superb rooms, private plunge pools and so much more. 

In our hotels guests can enjoy a range of hidden extras that will make your stay a home away home. Today, we want to highlight a few of the fun and special essential details that our hotels have to offer. 

Jamaica Inn, Jamaica 

You can now enjoy a delicious breakfast in your very own plunge pool! Overlooking the Jamaican sea, sit, relax and enjoy the view from the pool with your favourite breakfast. 

Simply order your breakfast and it will be delivered, lowered into the pool and served on a floating tray. From the privacy and comfort of your pool, it will be a breakfast that you never forget. 

Breakfast and the tray are paid for separately. 

East Winds, Saint Lucia

East Winds offers a huge range of private activities and excursions. All experiences are exclusively for East Winds, and as this is a 30-room hotel you will truly be enjoying a personal experience.

To highlight just two of these included experiences:

Participate in a cooking class with local Caribbean chefs Harry and Linton. Don’t just enjoy the taste of the Caribbean while you are at East Winds, learn something to take home with you!

Learn how to create the island’s favourite cocktails. Make the most of your time with these talented bartenders and bring the flair of the Caribbean home for your next party.

Bequia Beach Hotel, The Grenadines

Bequia Beach Hotel provide something that will make you feel like a star – a guest-only VIP transfer package. From landing in Barbados, Bequia Air will provide a seamless experience, taking you directly from the Barbados airport to the hotel! 

This luxury private aircraft experience takes place in a 9-seat King Air B200 and gets you to Bequia almost twice as fast as other flights! 

Bequia Beach Hotel can also arrange private flights for you. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure this will be something to remember.

Young Island, St Vincent & The Grenadines 

For something completely different Young Island provides sail packages on a 46’ catamaran. Whether you want to enjoy a day excursion or a stay and sail package out on the waves for a few days, it will be a singular experience.

The spacious four-bedroom Panthera includes air conditioning, a grill, fishing tackle, snorkelling equipment, Wi-Fi, a paddleboard and a kayak, so you can create your very own getaway. Whether it is for your own romantic trip or activities with kids or friends it can certainly give your trip that little extra.

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