We want to announce a brand-new hotel! It isn’t often that we add a new property to our portfolio, but there was just something special about Paradise Beach on Nevis island. So here is a warm welcome to our latest luxury, boutique Caribbean hotel!

Paradise Beach is a collection of chic lavish villas and beach houses nestled in fragrant gardens which lead down to the best beach on Nevis. All fitted out in the height of indulgence and privacy, this is something truly special. 

Nevis island is only 36-square miles, half the size of its counterpart St Kitts. Quiet, unspoilt, tranquil and heavenly are just some of the words used to describe this island. 

The sumptuous accommodation consists of two-bedroom beach houses, three-bedroom villas, four-bedroom garden villas, and four-bedroom ocean villas. All villas have their own private pool. These large beautifully situated beach-houses and villas are perfect for family getaways, holidays with friends or corporate retreats. 

The luxury found in your villa doesn’t stop there. With incredible care and attention given to every aspect of your stay. 

A concierge will coordinate everything before you arrive, so your villa is laid out to perfection with everything you personally need or require. A member of the guest services team is also there to ensure you have a wonderful trip, arranging anything you might need. 

Your villa has a fantastic kitchen, but this doesn’t mean you have to cook for yourself (unless you want to). In fact, the chefs, on request, will come to your villa and cook for you privately. Using the best local produce, seafood and spices to create magnificent gourmet dishes. And if you want to take home some of the local flavour when you leave, why not have private lessons too?

For gourmet good with a difference why not try room service with a twist? Choose from the menus of local chefs and the food will be served to you in the privacy of your villa. Or try a relaxed social evening at the Beach Bar. Just steps away from your villa, this exclusive bar can provide tasty cocktails, a charming thatched Tiki bar, dreamy hammocks and the view of the wide ocean waves.

No luxury holiday is complete without a glorious spa. In the tranquillity of your villa, any day of the week a spa therapist can come and provide custom designed treatments to truly relax your body. 

Though Nevis is a small island it has a lot to offer. Most prominent is a picture-perfect volcano, just ready to hike. A five-hour round trip is perfect for a day’s outing with a guide. Footpaths and ropes will take you up to a view of Antigua, Montserrat and the open azure waters. While vervet monkeys, wild goats and lush vegetation accompany you on your journey. 

As with many of the Caribbean islands, you see echoes of the colonial history around. With old plantations now beautiful estates, historical churches and the occasional ruin. Particular to Nevis is the home of Alexander Hamilton. Now most famous as a hit musical, the museum and home show the life of one of America’s founding fathers. 

If you want to enjoy the local wildlife, Nevis is a perfect spot. The island itself is filled with nature, hikes can take you through the lush rainforest or you can enjoy a pleasant stroll around the verdant botanical gardens. 

While the waters are teaming with life. Just minutes offshore you can snorkel and explore reefs filled with colourful fish, see underwater volcanic vents and even shipwrecks. Famous for its 800-900-pound Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles, snorkelling here is an experience never to forget. 

Contact us at Essentail Detail for more information and prices and all available offers at Paradise Beach, the best that Nevis can offer.