Recently East Winds, Saint Lucia presented their first batch of school books to a number of local Saint Lucian families. These books were purchased with the money raised either through a one-off donation or ongoing support from their generous guests. Thank you to everyone who has helped support this worthy cause.

Details about the Foundation by Judith Milne, Managing Partner
The average cost of books is EC $1,000 per year or US $370. Those families who did manage to keep their children in school often did so by borrowing the money to pay for books, at high-interest rates, with the result of causing general hardship for the whole family as they struggle to pay off the loan before the next set of books is needed.

In a country like Saint Lucia, education for future generations is a powerful tool to support the families that we have come to care about and to help create a positive future for their children. Helping to keep children in school results in educated young people who are able to contribute to their communities and their family, breaking the cycle of poverty that affects so many families in the Caribbean.

If you would like to help us help our families, either through a one-off donation or ongoing support then please contact me at

When you stay with us the donation will be added to your final bill when you check out. We suggest a donation of US $1 per night per room. If all of our guests make this small donation then we will be able to keep all of the East Winds family children in school until the age of 16. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful achievement?!