Following the exciting merger of Essential Detail and Brave Marketing Solutions in November, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to our incredible team.

The founders Helen and Anette and current team, Katie, Siobhan and Cheryl retain their important roles. While we introduce a new director, Tracey and three new members of sales, Ashleah, Juliet and Megan. This expansion means we can increase our support and help for you – our wonderful UK travel agents and tour operators.

Our unique and exquisite collection of Caribbean hotels are handpicked for their charm, elegance, singularity and more. So do not hesitate to get in touch, drop a line to Tracey herself or arrange a meeting with our new sales managers.

Meet the Team

Tracey Dyson, Director

Job description: Taking Essential Detail through the next chapter – another 20 years, with the support of the phenomenal team.

Bio:  I started my career in travel with Jetset some 25 years ago, followed by Almond Resorts where I learnt the rhythm of the Caribbean. I then experienced the vibe of Mexico with Hard Rock Hotels AIC and Miami Beach with Nobu & Eden Roc. More recently I headed up an amazing team, launching Crossroads in the Maldives, and now my journey takes me back to the beat of the steel pans – marketing exclusively beautiful Caribbean hotels with Essential Detail.

Photo: Tracey working in the Caribbean!

Fun Stuff… 

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  Walk the hounds – two Boxer dogs, watch my son play amazing football, followed by a vino with the family at the local village pub.

Favourite tipple? Caribbean Rum

Last movie you saw? A Star is Born

Early riser or night owl? Both - depending on when the party finished!

3 Things we would never guess about you? - I am qualified to teach horse riding, occasionally I sleep upside down, I performed in the Royal Tournament and more recently I hiked for 4 days to Machu Picchu with my mum who is 75 years young.

Helen Edwards, Founder 

Job description: Supporting the Director and team and liaising with our lovely, gorgeous Caribbean client hotels! 

Bio: I have predominantly worked in the long-haul specialist sector (with a short stint in sales for a luxury UK hotel group). Initially, it was mostly Canada and the USA but for the past thirty-four years, it’s been almost exclusively the Caribbean. Once you get the West Indies bug, it sticks! Thirteen years in Caribbean tour operating led me to set up Essential Detail with Annette and we never looked back. 

Photo: Helen at Curtain Bluff 

Fun Stuff…

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  The first G&T on Friday night is consistently good, along with dog walks, pubs, cooking together with my two favourite people and meeting up with good mates. 

Favourite tipple? Negroni cocktail

Last movie you saw? Rocketman... it’s up there in my top 5!

Early riser or night owl? Night owl

3 Things we would never guess about you? I have a twin brother and although I don’t know it any other way, I know I’d be lost without that relationship - I have flown BA Concorde twice ... once landing on a parallel runway to another (Air France) Concorde! - I can touch my elbow with my nose.

Annette Quinn, Founder 

Job description: Helping out wherever I can!

Bio: It’s too long ago to mention when I started working in the travel industry! My first job was as a personal PA to a Travel Consultant at a luxury tour operator called Rankin Kuhn, specialising in the Caribbean. Then Asia called and I became a Singapore girl working for the airline on their tour programme. After a couple of jobs in between with specialist tour operators and finally feeling empowered at the age of forty, Helen and I decided to set up our own business doing what we loved, and Essential Detail was born.

Fun Stuff... 

Photo: Annette, Helen and Katie at our 2019 Roadshow

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  I love DIY! But now my thoughts turn to trying my hand at painting...or ceramics...or glass, wherever the urge takes me.

Favourite tipple?  Champagne - obviously!

Last movie you saw? A live performance on screen of ‘2 Men 2 Governors’. Hilarious!

Early rise or night owl? Early riser

3 Things we would never guess about you? - I was born in Trinidad and grew up in India and Asia, hence my love of travel. - I’ve never broken a bone in my body...until last week!

Siobhan Randles, Product & Marketing Manager

Job description: Working closely with our lovely tour operator and tourist board partners to promote the Essential Detail Collection.

Bio: I started in representation, specialising in the Caribbean over fifteen years ago! From working with the small inter-island airlines to representing unique and quirky luxury boutique hotels throughout the region, I am forever in love with the beauty of the Caribbean and the music, culture and lifestyle. 

Photo: Katie, Ashleah, Megan and Siobhan Christmas drinks in London

Fun Stuff...

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  Relaxing with my lovely family!

Favourite tipple? A Mai Tai

Last movie you saw? Love Actually

Early rise or night owl? Early riser

3 Things we would never guess about you? - I spent a year living in Paradise in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica with my daughter before I started at Essential Detail - I love astrology - My dream trip is actually to go to the arctic!

Katie Wilkinson, Agency Sales Manager

Always having a passion for travel and all things travel related, I've spent more than 20 years working for various companies in the travel industry, primarily in hotels sales and marketing roles. I have travelled extensively across the Caribbean which included getting engaged in Antigua and married in Barbados. Some of my travel highlights include backpacking around Australia and the Far East and a road trip in the US.  A couple of golden travel moments... Drinking bubbles on the lawn at the Stellenbosch Estate, ice skating in the freezing cold in Central Park, watching turtles hatching at the Mon repos Turtle sanctuary OZ, cycling across the Golden Gate bridge. 

Fun Stuff…

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  I love to be by the seaside, otherwise sleep, hang out with the kids and friends, eat nice food and drink wine, which can often lead to dancing!

Favourite tipple? Too hard to choose, happy to consume Rum, Gin, Prosecco or Wine…but not all at the same time!

Last movie you saw? The Lion King!

Early riser or night owl? Neither!

3 Things we would never guess about you?  I don’t like snakes,  I have a pilot licence…I got run over at 17!

Ashleah Sanchez, Sales and Marketing Manager (South)

Job description: Maintaining and Growing our incredible relationships with suppliers and agents, whilst representing some of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Bio: I started my career in travel over nineteen years ago, growing my skill set within retail, events and business development. Travel is in my blood and ten years ago I decided to go backpacking across the globe taking in the wonders of America, Asia and Australasia. Over the last two years, I worked with Tracey, launching Hard Rock in the Maldives and other properties in the Caribbean. I am excited about our next adventure and to represent the best of the best back in the Caribbean.

Fun Stuff…

Photo: Ashleah and Siobhan at a TC Showcase

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  Walk our little toy Morkie (Yorkshire terrier/Maltese cross) Keiki, spend time with my wife and our friends and watching Tottenham Hotspur play football.

Favourite tipple? A lovely glass of New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Last movie you saw? A Star is Born – I’m a big Lady Gaga fan!

Early riser or night owl? I’m definitely an early riser, but I do take advantage of a lay in every now and then

3 Things we would never guess about you?  - I was a Sea Cadet in my teens, which led me to sign up to the Navy at sixteen - I am a secret nerd and love David Attenborough and will spend my life saving to go to Antarctica - I’m petrified of heights, but overcame my fear and skydived in Sydney, Australia

Juliet Fletcher, Sales & Marketing Manager - North

Job description: Looking after our fantastic tour operator and travel agency partners in the north of the UK to maximise marketing exposure and sales for our hotels.

Bio: Having grown up being lucky enough to travel a lot with my family, I caught the travel bug early on and knew I wanted to work in the industry. I've worked in travel for three years and have travelled a lot, mainly throughout the Caribbean and I fell in love with the islands! The most recent one I visited was Bequia which was fantastic. I'm moving to Yorkshire soon from London and I'm really excited to be working with our trade partners up in the north, luckily, I've packed some jumpers!

Photo: Juliet in Saint Vincent 

Fun Stuff…

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  Meeting up with friends, going to see a rugby match, walking my dog

Favourite tipple? When I'm on holiday, a Piña Colada, or if I'm in the UK, a Porn Star Martini! Last movie you saw? Toy Story 4

Early riser or night owl? Definitely a night owl, I don't enjoy getting up early in the mornings!

3 Things we would never guess about you? - I'm double-jointed in my wrists and hands and can twist my wrist 360 degrees! - I once had my nappy changed by Jonathan Ross! - My first flight to the Caribbean was on a BWIA flight when I was 6 months old in a bassinet.

Megan Dyson, Sales & Marketing Support

Job description: Main support for the team as well as managing the office, trade and consumer enquires. 

Bio: Travelling played a huge part in my childhood and growing up, with my mum – Tracey, having a big influence! With this, I have been lucky enough to have seen and experienced many corners of the world. My love of travel and a creative flare has allowed me to grow and bring something new to my role at Essential Detail.  


Photo: Juliet and Megan on a recent fam trip

Fun Stuff… Favourite thing to do at the weekend? I like spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends and also walking my crazy dogs!

Favourite tipple? Southern Comfort & Lemonade.

Last movie you saw? The Hustle Early riser or night owl? Used to be a night owl but now I’m an early riser!

3 Things we would never guess about you?  - My first gift from my boyfriend was to jump out of a plane at 1,500 feet - I gained 10 distinctions in my art foundation course - I am a massive chocoholic though until the age of six I never even liked chocolate!

Cheryl Banks, Social Media & Projects Manager

Job description: Keeping the trade updated with news and gossip from our collection of hotels.

Bio: Having worked in travel for over twenty years mainly in sales and marketing, I've been able to do a fair bit of travelling. From staying in some of the best hotels in the Caribbean, parts of Africa, the Middle East, America and the Indian Ocean to backpacking around Cuba and all over the Far East. For the past eleven years, I've been working with the Essential Detail team and I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed at all the superb properties several times. 

Photo: Siobhan and Cheryl 

Fun Stuff…

Favourite thing to do at the weekend?  Meeting friends for breakfast followed by going to the cinema - it’s the best time of day to see a movie!

Favourite tipple? Currently coffee!! 

Last movie you saw? The Holiday - for the 20th time!

Early riser or night owl? Early riser… I’m normally in bed by 9 pm but up at 5 am, I have twin babies!

3 Things we would never guess about you?  - I can play the trumpet - I was a nurse before working in travel - I love to go out rowing whenever I can!

If you are a UK Travel Agent or Tour Operator and you require our help, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you, to answer questions, share offers and more.