Though a holiday for the sake of change, relaxation or excitement, and the opportunity to see a new place is perfectly amazing, many people are starting to look at how to add an extra something. We have come to call these learning holidays. 

A learning holiday provides everything a normal holiday does – from a beautiful new country, gorgeous hotel, delicious food and friendly staff. But on top of this, you learn a new skill or take the time to expand on a hobby or passion. Thereby coming away from your holiday not only refreshed and reinvigorated but also that much more skilled!

In this blog, we highlight four incredible learning holidays our hotels have to offer. From the relaxation of a writers’ or mindfulness retreat to the challenge of a surfing or tennis week.  

East Wind’s Writer’s Retreat

The St Lucia Tourist Board and our very own East Wind’s hotel have teamed up to offer the island’s first writing retreat. First taking place in March 2020. 

Spend the day enjoying the incredible island and attending writing workshops. A perfect combination of a beautiful environment and growing your skills. An ideal learning holiday.

The writing course is being run by veteran editor, Victoria Pepe. Improve your writing skills with workshops on structure and developing character, point of view and voice. In addition, work on dialogue, get tips on how to edit to your best work and meet local authors. 

This incredible package includes a private cooking class, private meditation session and a garden tour. Additionally, take a boat trip to see the Pitons, enjoy the sulphur mud baths and snorkelling.

St Lucia’s peaceful beaches, majestic mountains and tropical rainforest are sure to inspire any budding author.

Curtain Bluff’s Tennis Week

Curtain Bluff’s annual tennis week is the perfect learning holiday for tennis players from beginners to professionals. Now in its 21st year, this event is taking place in November and is sure to be on the agenda again for next year.

Curtain Bluff schedules an array of events to keep even the biggest tennis fanatic happy. Practice on world-class courts, join in the men’s, women’s or mixed doubles tournaments and enjoy tennis drills tailored just to you. This is all done with tennis legends and professionals so you can truly learn from the best.

Enjoy the beauty of Antigua with snorkelling, scuba diving, a trip to the capital and Hobie Cat sailing. Mingle with other tennis enthusiasts and let your hair down at the welcome party, afternoon tea, sunset party, barefoot beach party and close it off with an awards party!

Antigua’s glorious weather and Curtain Bluff’s outstanding tennis grounds are sure to please any tennis enthusiast.

Jamaica Inn’s Mindfulness Retreat

Jamaica Inn’s mindfulness retreat offers a different sort of learning experience. Learn to relax, to calm your mind and switch off from the stresses of everyday life.

This four-day retreat is run by well-known Lena Franklin, Mindful Psychotherapist and International Spiritual Teacher. Workshops cover the art of mindfulness and meditation, the transformative power of thoughts, and mind, body spirit alignment.

Experience sunrise and sunset meditation sessions and activities designed to bring you tranquillity that you can take home. Enjoy learning mindful eating and experience the rest of the island on a market tour or sensory hike.

Complement your spiritual learning experience with things to uplift and soothe the body. Enjoy yoga classes, luxury spa treatments and relaxing hours in the sun, sea and water of Jamaica’s beaches. 

Jamaica Inn makes this retreat comfortable if you come with friends or alone. With sunset cocktails on the beach and community tables where you can eat with Lena or mingle with other guests. 

The Atlantis Historic Inn Surf Package

The Atlantis Historic Inn, sister hotel to our Little Good Harbour, is located on the Atlantic coast of Barbados. This is a quiet, peaceful and incredibly beautiful area of the country which is a little bit more off the beaten track. 

Just five minutes from the Atlantis is Soup Bowl, an internationally renowned surfing spot. Famous for its barrelling right-hand reef break, this spot is a favourite of eleven times world champion, Kelly Slater. 

This package provides access to these incredible waves and surf lessons where you can hone your skills. It is available year-round, excluding June and September. But the waves are best November to May when the north swells bring the heavy right-hand barrels that Soup Bowl is famous for. 

Barbados provides a surfers’ paradise with pristine beaches, and a perfect average of 30°C air heat and 27°C water heat. Balance your day practising your skills on the waves or exploring the wonder that is Barbados.