The Jamaica Inn Foundation is heavily involved in having set up a Fish Sanctuary off the Jamaica Inn Coast encompassing miles of ocean from East to West of Ocho Rios.

500 in 5

This is a five year project to rehabilitate the coral reef, a vital action needed to increase the fish population in the area.  Creating a Fish Sanctuary will encourage a healthy fish population in the waters and in five years they aim to have achieved 500X the amount of fish population currently in the area!

The fish population statistics in Jamaica are on a decline, Jamaica has some of the most depleted fish stocks of any country in the world. The fish are critical to sustaining the health of the reef itself which is how the Fish Sanctuary came about.

The Fish Sanctuary encompasses a zone that encourages a healthy marine population as well as to rehabilitate Jamaica’s precious coral reef system to encourage a healthy ecosystem.

After nine months since the start of the project over 200 stag horn coral has started to grow in the ocean.  

Shadow the black lab at Jamaica Inn collect driftwood that was then used to create bases for the White River Fish Sanctuary Awards as picture at the top. To find out more about the awards and to stay up-to-date with this project you can follow the Foundation on Facebook


If you would like to donate to this project, please visit the Jamaica Inn, Jamaica website for more information, or contact Ella at