It’s Easter, and we all know what that means – chocolate! Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts and more fill these few weeks with a delicious and fun atmosphere. 

But have you ever seen cocoa, the origin of chocolate, being grown? Have you ever wondered what a toasted bean tastes like, and how it turns into the chocolate you know and love?

East Winds – Saint Lucia

East Winds has an incredible Bean-to-Bar Chocolate experience available as part of their Exclusive weekly activities. 

Learn all about the process of creating chocolate: harvesting, roasting, deshelling, grinding and finally adding the extras, such as milk, sugar or nuts. Discover what changes the quality of chocolate and how you can buy and enjoy the good quality stuff and not contribute to the palm oil crisis. 

While learning the incredible journey of the cocoa plant enjoy a tasting session. Try a raw bean, a roasted bean and even the shells which create a medicinal tea. Grind your own beans into a paste and create your own chocolate masterpieces to take home with you – or at least back to your hotel room! 

You will also be offered locally made chocolate and hot chocolate to wash it all down with. An incredible learning experience that is never anything less than fun and delicious. 

East Winds has an incredible summer offer: 35% off, for all dates until 31st August 2019 if you book before 31st May. So now is the perfect time to book your holiday and enjoy summer in the Caribbean with August’s chocolate heritage month.

Chocolate Heritage Month

It is not just East Winds offering incredible chocolate experiences – the whole island joins in! 

The cocoa plant is native to Central and South America but soon spread to the nearby Caribbean and beyond. Since the 1700’s St Lucia has been growing cocoa and exporting chocolate to Europe. In fact, in St Lucia, August is Chocolate Heritage month and celebrates all thing cocoa.

Tours: All around the island you can experience the heritage and roots of chocolate. On a plantation tour, see the cocoa beans black or red on the bush and learn how the farmers grow and care for the plants. You can even participate in the chocolate-making process with a course inside a cocoa fermentation house. 

Tastings: Or if you’d rather enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate than its origin, the cocoa bean, then you can sit back and indulge in the incredible array of chocolate creations. With brownies, mousse, cake, hot chocolate and even chock-tails there is something to delight everyone.

Spa: If you want pure indulgence, combine a relaxing spa experience with chocolate heritage month! Good quality chocolate actually has medicinal value, high in antioxidants it can restore and hydrate your skin. Enjoy a variety of treatments including facials, body scrubs, massages and more.

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If you needed another excuse to visit Saint Lucia and enjoy the luxury that is East Winds, you’ve just found your answer: 35% off and a whirlwind chocolate adventure! To book or to learn more contact your preferred travel agent, tour operator or call our office for further details.