The beautiful East Winds hotel is always working on upping its aesthetic game and improving all aspects of its guests stay. This time the new addition is an incredible hand-painted mural. An artistic impression of the flora and fauna you would expect to see during your holiday.

The mural is created by the talented British wildlife artist, Brin Edwards. It gives you a tour of the wonderful environment of Saint Lucia. All of which is on hand right outside your hotel room during your stay at East Winds. 

Play the game of spotting in the mural, and on the island: Antillean Crested hummingbirds, bananaquits, ruddy turnstones, Carib grackles, mangrove crabs, green turtles and frigates. 

Take a look at the mural day-by-day as it goes from a plain white wall to a piece of artwork! Click link to see video. 

And no picture of life (or stay) at East Winds would be complete without, of course, Stanley the dog featured within the mural! 

You may come to East Winds for its incredible cuisine, award-winning service or relaxing spa but spotting some local wildlife on the beach, trees or around the hotel can often be a special experience you will never forget.

Brin Edwards is already famous at East Winds for illustrating the wonderful nature guide, written by Managing Partner, Judith Milne, which is found in all hotel rooms. It allows guests to take a self-guided tour around the property to spot all the unique wildlife that is on hand. 

And any previous guest will spot Brin Edwards handy-work on the annual Christmas cards. A beautiful addition to the mantelpiece every December. 

East Winds has a tradition of commissioning artists to create unique pieces for the hotel. Local artist, Michelle Elliott has created numerous pieces around the hotel, many of which can be found in individual guest rooms. 

We are happy to see one of our hotels continuing this beautiful artistic tradition and hope many of you will see it in person!