Curtain Bluff Keeps GIVING BACK!

Curtain Bluff, Antigua, is a great favourite of ours and has been for many years. There are huge long list of reasons why, some you will find on the hotel's homepage 'click here', but here is one the unique reasons we fell in love with the hotel a couple of decades ago.



In the late 1950s, Howard Hulford, an ex fighter pilot in WWII, discovered the site for Curtain Bluff whilst flying. First, Howard decided to build a villa on the site, and his friends and family came to visit him and his beloved wife, Chelle. Fast forward a few years and in 1962, Curtain Bluff was a full-fledge resort. Since then Curtain Bluff has grown, continually improving, adding rooms and facilities. Today it is a world-class resort which we are delighted to be part of.



A place like Curtain Bluff doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, careful growth and, most of all, personal devotion. The Curtain Bluff management 


In 1974 The resort’s founders, Howard and Chelle Hulford, started the Old Road Fund, naming it after the village that sits just outside the resort's gates. Its initial purpose was to supply basic necessities to the community’s neediest families, but it quickly out-grew these modest goals thanks to support from the resort and its guests. 



To date over $US 1 million has been spent on university scholarship assistance, additional college expenses, sending children to the U.S. for summer camp or to work as camp counselors, and providing medical and emergency relief to the local community.


In the last twenty years alone more than 150 children have gone to tennis camp in the U.S. and 45 have received a full university education. Eleven students are currently enrolled in college in the U.S. Over 20 have had major healthcare benefits. Through the fund, computers have been donated to the Old Road Primary School, and new uniforms and sporting equipment purchased for the village football (soccer) and cricket teams.



And the fund is still growing. Just one recent development is a relationship between the Old Road Fund and Miami Dade Community College (MDCC) and Florida International University (FIU) that have agreed to provide scholarships for degrees in tourism and hospitality. One of the first students, Jeff London, is already attending MDCC and will go on to FIU for a total of four years studying hospitality management.



  • Add it to your hotel bill
  • Make a check out to the Old Road Fund, leave it at the front desk or mail it to the attention of the General Manager at the resort.

To find out more about Curtain Bluff call us today on 020 8614 0077