The Garbutt family that own the Calabash, Grenada have just announced a substantial upgrade project in August and September 2014, when the hotel will be closed.
From 04 October guests will be the first to experience this 5 star Caribbean hotels increasing to an even higher level of luxury … pool suite renovation, fabulous new beach and restaurant furniture, a chic new look to the Rhodes Restaurant and more behind the scenes including a solar energy project. All to maintain the hotel’s standing alongside the best in the world in boutique luxury resorts. 
Our Viewpoint on Calabash, Grenada...
Our love affair with Calabash has lasted for many years and is in part due to the seductiveness of the prettiest of all Caribbean islands, Grenada, with its warm people, fabulous beaches and lush countryside. 
However, the appeal of this particular hotel is due to the fact that it is extremely well run by The Garbutt Family, with the focus on personal attention. Whilst Calabash is certainly a top class property, and Grenada’s best, the emphasis is on pure elegance and Caribbean informality, which is incredibly addictive. 
The food at The Rhodes Restaurant and the new Bash Restaurant is simply outstanding and is complimented by the truly magical ambience. All suites are styled with a luxurious and ontemporary feel, and the fabulous spa overlooking the beach is a must. 
For further details about Calabash, Grenada call us on 020 8614 0077